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We’ve been cleaning homes and offices since 2021 in Manor, TX. We started as a small, family-owned business. Erin Cleaning Service believe in personal relationships and the power of good communication. That’s why we hire people who are passionate about their work, take pride in what they do, and want to ensure that you’re happy with their cleaning service.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

We believe in quality over quantity. We are┬áversatile, and we can focus on ensuring every quality cleaning service job gets done right – from floor to ceiling. And because our employees are personally invested in this mission, they work harder than anyone else so that you can feel confident knowing that your home or office will be clean when they leave!

We offer commercial cleaning service for businesses of all sizes, house cleaning services for homeowners who need extra help keeping up with their workloads (or want to treat themselves!), and apartment cleaning services for those who live in smaller spaces but still want a space that feels like home.

Erin Cleaning Service value honesty, integrity, and hard work, and we hope you’ll see those values shine through when you work with us! To know more about our company and its quality cleaning service, contact us at (512) 885-6898 in Manor, TX or schedule an appointment.

Services List

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Apartment Cleaning
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